Chambers Property Services

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Chambers Property Services

We are able to offer you complete peace of mind – your property is in good hands!  Kristy’s standards are exacting and her attitude to your property does not alter - be it a studio apartment or 7 bedroom chalet or lakeside villa.


Whilst every property is different and owners require different levels of service; we also like to give prospective clients a guideline of rates on which to base calculations.  These are listed below, but we remind you that an individual quote for your property/service will be required.  We can offer this as soon as you are ready – contact us by ‘phone, email or via our Facebook page.  


T&Cs, Contracts and Insurance = Peace of Mind

Every property is different, so each contract is also different.  When agreeing your requirements Chambers Property Services will tailor-make your contract.

Chambers Property Services staff are all fully insured to work in your property and care for your belongings.  We will always ask you to run through how to care for individual items in detail, following your exact instructions to ensure the level of care is as you expect.

You will need to agree Chambers Property Services' Terms and Conditions and your personal contract in advance of Kristy and her team starting work.

Our Rates

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Clean & Changeover - The Basics

As a basic guideline, the hourly rate for cleaning, checking maintenance, shopping, planning/reserving and so forth is invoiced at 20€ per hour.

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Complete Care Packages

Again, as a guideline, Seasonal/Annual Complete Care packages start from:

  • 200€/500€ for a small studio/ apartment
  • 700€/1000€ for an apartment
  • 1000€/1500€ for a small chalet/villa
  • 1500€/2000€ for larger properties

This is a management fee - all services (cleaning, maintenance organisation, etc) are charged at 20€ per hour as per Clean & Changeover - The Basics. 

Kristy Chambers, Chambers Property Services